What are the top Web Development Trends 2020?

What are the top Web Development Trends 2020?

Web development techniques are evolving with new trends every year and developers should know the latest updates from different sources in order to enhance their skills. Another thing is that they will help to design a webpage with modern applications for getting a high response from visitors. It is advisable for developers to have knowledge of ongoing trends while creating a new website.

Here is a list of top web development trends to note in 2020.

  1. Progressive web applications (PWA)

Progressive web applications are websites that function like native apps that will provide several advantages to business organizations. In fact, PWAs allow them to achieve a wide reach of a website as well as mobile apps accessibility. Apart from, business firms can switch from using websites to mobile apps that can increase user engagement.

  1. Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) contributes more to perform cognitive functions such as learning, data analysis, automation, learning, etc. It works like a Chabot that will support customer support requirements and predict trends for a company with high accuracy. Another thing is that it will help prevent cybersecurity threats. AI is likely to make cybersecurity cheap and efficient one in 2020.

  1. Motion user interface (MI)

The motion user interface, shortly known as MI will become a notable trend in 2020 because it focuses on interaction designs which include micro-interactions and animations. MI will grab the attention of users while visiting a webpage that can help keep them engaged. Moreover, it will increase the computing capabilities of a device smoothly while carrying out animation works.

  1. API first design and streamlined workloads

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of applications that gives ways to transmit data between one software product and another. With the rise of IoT devices, API will help to connect with them easily which provides more convenience to users.

  1. Modular designs

A majority of web developers utilize templates while creating a webpage. The modular designs are an ideal one for building a webpage with a black grid pattern rather than using templates. Besides that, they provide ways to save more money in the web creation process.

  1. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP)

Accelerated mobiles pages, shortly known as AMP is one of the trends to follow in 2020 because they allow users to get a much-improved experience. They give ways to load a website on mobile devices within fractional seconds.

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