Common computer networking problems and how to fix them

Common computer networking problems and how to fix them

A good computer network is necessary for any organization to ensure better data flow or exchange information. It acts as a pillar to deliver or exchange information through any type of media or file. There are some technical errors that may occur in a computer networking platform that can affect the productivity levels of an organization. Most computer networks are highly complex systems that comprise several components and organizations should make sure that they function properly.

Here are some common issues that can appear in a computer networking platform.

  1. Duplicate IP Addresses

Sometimes, two computers have the same IP addresses which will cause network issues for both parties by creating impacts on the parent network of a computer. The computer screen will read the message” Address already in use” when more than one computer utilizes the same IP.

Restating a router or assigning unique IP addresses for every PC will solve the problem to a large extent.

  1. Slow internet connectivity

Slow internet connectivity reduces the performance levels of employees in a company because it will take more time to complete tasks. It is often caused by large file transfers and congestion that can result in the slow speed of a network system.

Organizations should analyze the users to allocate the bandwidth accordingly. They can use some websites for testing the speed of a network system.

  1. Regular drops of network issues

Some organizations may witness regular connection failures or drops in a computer network system. They mainly occur due to the wrong setup of network peripherals or physical damage to cables.

It is necessary to check the connection of cables properly and identify the faulty areas for fixing the problems.

  1. Unable to connect to a local printer

Multiple users share a common printer in a company and a small error may cause problems while accessing a printer. The sharing problems on a computer mainly occur due to conflicts and other issues.

When this problem occurs, it is advisable to check firewall settings and make sure that the windows network adopters have access to printer sharing ability.

  1. DNS problems

DNS problems are a common one on a computer network platform when an employee tries to open a webpage. Users will get messages such as” DNS server not found, “DNS server not responding “or” DNS name doesn’t exist” on the screen due to DNS configuration issues.

Users should check the “Internet Protocol Version 4” settings on an adapter for changing the DNS address.

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