Spambot Invasion Of Discord!


Discord is starting to realize and support its users’ bot communities more now than ever. Discord will be creating more tools and features for developers to use and utilize to embrace their creativity. As said in this tech article by Engadget,” Discord is going to start taking them seriously, and plans to launch a load of new tools and verification systems to help make developer’s hacky creations more legit.” Since Discord has launched millions of bots that have been created and continue to even to this day, as mentioned in this article by Engadget, “Born of a jockey airhorn feature first launched back in 2016, bots on Discord have since flourished into an integral part of the platform’s experience. More than three million bots have been created to date, from those that help you run a full-on D&D campaign, to those that help you record podcasts or listen to music together.” Discord has always had
a platform to support bot developers and now they are implementing tools and new verification systems for developers to flourish in their creative abilities. 

These new security measures with verification systems decrease the number of unverified bots and verify the bot and the developer’s program. This was mentioned in this tech article by Engadget back in April, “Of course, that introduces a new challenge: how do you sort the wheat from the chaff among these millions of bots? The answer for that is verified bots and developers’ programs. By completing a few security checks, developers will get a verified checkmark for their bot, which not only unlocks development tools for future creations but lets users know the bot is trustworthy — something users will appreciate in the wake of a recent wave of bot spamming.” The new discord verification system security measures make bots more trustworthy and the general bot community less filled with bot spamming among users.

A spambot is a recent wave that hit the Discord community and is one of the reasons why Discord is creating these new security measures on its platform for developers. Here is a passage from Cloudflare about how spambots operate, “Spam bots can create fake accounts on forums, social media platforms, messaging apps, or email hosting providers. Sometimes they’ll try to disguise their activities as coming from a real user. Since creating a user account often only involves filling out a few fields (name, email address, etc.), attackers will program spam bots to fill out these forms automatically – a relatively simple task for a skilled programmer. Some platforms offer CAPTCHAs or similar challenges to prevent bots from creating accounts, but these defenses are not foolproof.” Since CAPTCHAs aren’t doing much to prevent these spambots, on top of Discords CAPTCHA security measures they will implement new developer verification systems to prevent bots from spamming users within the community. 

This will encourage a Dedicated Discord Bot section and increase trustworthiness in bots since Discord would be developing and letting users use these bots in their developments. This article from Engadget states, “The initiative also means the platform can encourage users to adopt bots within Discord, rather than scouring the internet, which could mean there’s some kind of dedicated Discord Bot section in the works.” This new initiative stance by Discord can create a whole new Discord Dedicated bot section in their platform and possibly eliminate all spambots throughout the community. 

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