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We at are always watching the newest developments in Cyber Security, the amount of news that comes out every day about peoples data being leaked or compromised is one of the reasons that we decided to be so devoted to Cyber Security, as this data getting into the wrong hands can have major effects on peoples lives.

  1. COVID-19 Has United Cybersecurity Experts, But Will That Unity Survive the Pandemic?
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    With the epidemic that is COVID-19, scammers have gone wild, with dozens of new malicious websites being put up every day, some are more obvious than others, but as always, there’s a reason people create these scams, it’s because they WORK it’s hard to believe, for us they seem quite obvious and easy to avoid, but there really are people out there gullible enough to fall victim of this, it’s the same reason you still get emails from Nigerian Princes, because as crazy as it sounds, people DO fall for it.
    Major groups in the cybersecurity industry are working to counter the latest threats and scams related to COVID-19, a company called COVID-19 Cyber Threat Coalition are collecting and sharing new intelligence about new security threats, these intelligence feeds donated by dozens of cybersecurity companies is showing more than 100 million pieces of data about potential threats each day.The severity of these threats, as well as volume, has caused cybersecurity experts to work together, to keep the internet a safe place.
    It is very important right now to be diligent so that you do not become the next victim, a large portion of attacks right now are phishing attacks.

    It is also important to remember what type of data is safe to show online and which data should be kept to yourself, recently on Facebook, people have been sharing photos of themselves from when they graduated, this includes the name of the school, and the year they graduated, this seems very minor but this information is frequently seen as security questions on websites and could lead to a security breach depending on your level of account security.

  2. IT services giant Cognizant suffers Maze Ransomware cyber attack
    Article by – Read the article in its entirety hereCognizant, a technology giant suffered a cyber attack on Friday by the operators of Maze Ransomware. (Maze ransomware first observed in 2019, Maze began publicly outing their campaign victims by posting the names of companies that have not complied with their ransom demands. Although relatively new, there are quite a few real-world examples of Maze worth mentioning, A wire and cable manufacturer was attacked by Maze in December 2019. After five days of not complying with the $6 million ransom, the Maze attack group published the data that it encrypted and stole from the victim. Maze was used to steal 120GB of data from Southwire as well as encrypting 878 devices.)
    Cognizant is one of the largest IT managed services company in the world with close to 300,000 employees and over $15 billion in revenue.
    As part of its operations, Cognizant remotely manages its clients through end-point clients, or agents, that are installed on customer’s workstations to push out patches, software updates, and perform remote support services.
    On Friday, Cognizant began emailing their clients, stating that they had been compromised and included a “preliminary list of indicators of compromise identified through our investigation.” Clients could then use this information to monitor their systems and further secure them.It is very likely in an instance like this that the Maze Operators had access to the networks for weeks, they were either undetected, or Cognizant just didn’t want to announce the problem until they had some way of fixing it.
    Operators of Maze Ransomware target data, it is very likely that a lot of private information will be leaked in the coming weeks.

    It’s things like this that make cybersecurity so important, a company this large should never be susceptible to attack.

  3. Camden County Government victim of cybersecurity attackArticle by – Read the article in its entirety hereThe Camden County government computer network is a victim of a “sophisticated encryption attack,” which is currently disrupting operations.According to a news release from the Lewis Brisbois Law Firm, the county is not aware of any unauthorized disclosure of personal data or financial information.

    “Camden County places the utmost importance on its network and system security, and County technology experts have been working diligently with independent cybersecurity experts to restore normal operations as soon as possible and conduct a thorough forensic investigation,” the news release stated.

    Camden County has also notified the FBI of this encryption attack and will “provide whatever cooperation is necessary to hold the wrongdoers accountable.”

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