5 Reasons why Linux is the best choice than windows for servers

5 Reasons why Linux is the best choice than windows for servers

Linux operating system (OS) is an ideal choice for those who want to establish a new server because it provides various advantages to users. The OS is getting consistent growth over recent years when compared to Windows operating systems. Having the right type of server will help businesses to plan their daily operations with ease.

Here are some reasons why Linux works better than windows for server purposes.

  1. Stability

Linux systems are well-known for their ability that can run for long years. They even give ways to handle a large number of processes that function better than Windows. Another thing is that they never face crashes that fulfill the expectations of every kind of user. In fact, a Linux system provides ways to lower downtime that result in disastrous consequences.

There is no need for rebooting in a Linux system where windows require a reboot due to configuration changes. Moreover, it is possible to perform Linux configuration changes when a system is running.

  1. Security

Linux provides more security to a server or computer in an embedded environment. This is because it is a multi-user operating system that allows users to obtain optimal results. Only the administrator or root users have permission to access the data. In addition, a Linux administrator can view a file system clearly thereby helping to control unwanted issues.

  1. The open-source network

Linux is the only server operating system that offers open-source solutions to users. Since Linux is a collaborative system, it doesn’t belong to any single person. Furthermore, the open-source nature of Linux can encourage more innovations in the server space enabling users to gain more advantages.

  1. Hardware

Windows OS needs frequent upgrades to increase performance levels. On the other hand, Linux is slim and trim that will work better than Windows. It is also flexible and scalable which performs well on any computer system. It becomes a simple process to reconfigure Linux which reduces memory requirements effectively that can increase performance levels.

  1. Total cost of ownership (TCO)

Linux offers a total cost of ownership (TCO) to users since the software is totally free. Even an enterprise version is cheaper than Windows or other software products which give ways to save more money. Businesses can use most tools and applications on a Linux server letting them experience the desired outcomes. Besides that, it allows them to choose what works for their operations properly.

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