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  • Best hosting provider
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  • Reference Domain solutions
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Mission Statment
We are Developers, Server Managers, Cyber Security Specialists. We know the business, we know the troubles, we know the solutions. Why we are different:

Our Story

About Us

Webhost.sh provides secure and affordable server hosting, our services are directed towards small businesses and startups. Our services are set up in a way that our clients have access to quick and easy support, with security being one of our top priorities, our clients are able to spend more time on their business, and less time on worrying about all the technicalities of running a server or website. Our staff is experienced with Website Design, Server Management, Cyber Security, & SEO Optimization.

Our Goals

Webhost.sh is looking to offer hosting services to those in need. Our focus is on small businesses and other clients such as video game communities, secure servers, and people who want awesome support.
We've always wanted a place we could offers our skills, and contribute to the tech industry. We saw web & server hosting as a way for our team and community to grow